Powrmatic conditioning equipment distributor, heating, HVAC, electricity, fireplaces, stoves, fireplaces, residential, commercial, industrial, Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa, Toronto, London and Halifax
You have an electrical project ? We have what it takes!
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A small place in the shade is not your only cooling solution.
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Simply the best hearth products.
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Electric heat has no secrets for us.
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Our products will keep your customers satisfied and warm.
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An impressive selection of fireplaces and stoves awaits you.
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Powrmatic represents many of the top manufacturers in the HVAC industry and we strive to present the latest and best products from these well-known brands.

We are proud to offer an extensive selection of HVAC and related products as well as special order items throughout all of our branches in Eastern Canada.   But it’s more than just ...

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We are a distributor of hearth products and accessories that burn wood, gas or pellets and are sourced from some of the largest manufacturers in Canada, the USA and Europe.

Powrmatic is very proud of its partnership with specialty hearth retailers from every region of Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes so consumers can enjoy high quality and ...

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Powrmatic distributes electrical products that come from more than 200 manufacturers and are proud to offer a wide selection of quality products in the fields of energy saving, communications, wires and cables, distribution, lighting and much more.

We put quality and customer service at the forefront while supplying contractors with ...

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Powrmatic of Canada Ltd. is Eastern Canada's most respected and one of its oldest distributors of residential, commercial and industrial supply equipment setting the standard in quality for the HVAC, Electrical and Hearth industries. It prides itself on a reliable and dedicated workforce trained to offer dependable and consistent service to its customers.

With 6 branches strategicaly located in Eastern Canada namely in Toronto, London, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec and Halifax, Powrmatic is in a good position to properly serve the main markets in heating, air conditioning, ventilation and fireplaces.

Powrmatic of Canada Ltd is a subsidiary of Stamm International Corporation www.stamminternational.com based in the US, one of the world's foremost manufacturers and distributor of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment; fireplaces, chimneys and flues.

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Powrmatic is a proud member of the following professional associations.